This early yellow corn comes with high eating quality and top-of-the-line field holding ability, as well as a strong plant with a great yield. Learn More


Coronado is a broadly adaptable, main season, white sweet corn variety with high eating quality and resistance to Common Rust. Learn More



Elle has a refined ear shape and kernel style. This main season, yellow variety boasts excellent field holding, wide adaptability and resistance NCLB. Learn More


Flagler is a main season bicolor variety, with a high yield potential, large ears, good stress tolerance, and resistance to Common Rust. Learn More


Featuring an attractive ear and industry leading eating quality, as well as an excellent package and superior field-holding, Kate is perfect for both growers and consumers. Learn More


This all-around beauty features extremely high eating quality, a large and excellent ear with good tip fill, and an exceptional plant and yield-potential. Learn More


This high-quality white sweet corn has a large ear, early maturity, great yield, excellent eating quality, and a beautiful package with a dark husk. Learn More


Early bicolor sweet corn featuring a very large ear size with great tip fill and beautiful rows, excellent yield potential, and high eating quality. Learn More


This mid-maturity bicolor corn has an attractive, large ear size, excellent field holding ability, a strong plant, and superior eating quality. Learn More