Sweet corn with great yield potential . 


  • Good disease package

  • Excellent yield

  • Strong plant

  • Broad adaptation

  • Good stress tolerance

Relative maturity 77 days
Kernel color bicolor
Endosperm Sh2
Ear length 8 in.
Row count 16–18

Disease resistance

HR = High Resistance, IR = Intermediate Resistance)

Rating Common Name Abbreviation Pathogen/Causal Agent
HR Common rust Ps (Rp1-g) Puccinia sorghi

Data and Disease Ratings are an average of results from various test locations. It is not a prediction of future performance, but a summary of past results. Your performance will vary depending on the actual environment, pathogen strain and management conditions in your field. The HM.CLAUSE, Inc. Limitation of Warranty and Liability and Use restriction is a condition of purchase of all Harris Moran and HM.CLAUSE seed. To preview the Limitation of Warranty and Liability and Use Restriction, please visit the HM.CLAUSE, Inc. website found at or call HM.CLAUSE, Inc. for more information.